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Meme Gala 2021: Kim Kardashian Strikes Back

This year’s Met Gala produced some pretty great memes.

Image Credit: Flickr/Hugo Schneider

The Met Gala has come and boy, did it deliver some incredible looks (and some hilarious memes!).

For those who don’t know (and I doubt they exist; unless you’re Patrick Star from Spongebob), the Met Gala is a yearly fundraising event held at – you guessed it – the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. Every year, guests who are lucky enough to attend the prestigious event dress their best in accordance with that year’s theme, and blow us all away with some of the art displayed on the carpet.

This year’s ball, despite being late, didn’t fail to deliver.

Some of the most notable looks were gifted to us by celebrities such as Lil Nas X, Iman, Billie Eilish, and of course, the Queen of the Met Gala herself, Rihanna. 

This year’s theme was American Fashion, and it was interesting seeing how the different attendees interpreted – and expressed – it. 

Lil Nas X opted for a triple threat ‘fit, pictured below. I LOVED this look. Anything that looks like armor gets my seal of approval (looking at you Zendaya 2018). 

However, it was Kim Kardashian who stole the show this year with her all-black (and I mean, ALL black) outfit. Clearly, the Met Gala hadn’t unlocked her as a guest yet. Take a look below.

In a satisfying and somewhat predictable fashion, the internet’s natural response to this outfit was to meme it into Oblivion. I have to say though, the memes do not disappoint. 

Dementor, Nazgûl, or shadow jutsu – take your pick. All have been made into prevalent, hilarious, memes.

Joking aside, Kim’s outfit has sparked genuine intellectual debate in regards to its relation to American culture.  

However, many have criticized the celebrity over her look, claiming that it is distasteful and appropriative of Muslim culture. Others pointed out the hypocrisy of her ‘high fashion’ praise and the discrimination faced by Muslim women for their attire. 

Let’s just be thankful for the Met Gala, and look forward to the next one! Maybe Kim will finally be a playable character then.

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