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Jobseeker Flooded With Employment Offers After TikTok Video Goes Viral

A man who was recently fired from his job due to his company falling on hard times made a creative punt at getting hired again.

Credit-Tik Tokl/jayybeech

A man who was recently fired from his job due to his company falling on hard times made a creative punt at getting hired again.

What do you do when you get fired? Return to linkedIn? Cry? Update your CV? Jay Beech decided he was going to go one stepn further. After recently getting fired from his marketing job due to staffing cuts (on a last in, first out basis), Jay decided to catch an  employer’s attention by making his own version of i will survive- employment version.

The Tik Tok has garnered 1 million views and is the perfect note of satirical comedy and flamboyant dress you need to get you through the week. The Tik Tok had done so well, in fact, that it has had Jay turning down companies for marketing work left-right, and center. If people can use Tik Tok to see how their day is going to go via an elderly pug, there’s no reason they can’t get great jobs through the platform too.

The disco classic, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, serves as the perfect soundtrack for Jay to offer his services, with a few cheeky quips about marketing. According to Jay, this isn’t the first job he has procured off Tik Tok. Apparently, his last Tik Tok was what gave him a job in the first place.

The Video is titled ‘I lost my job so here’s my hire me campaign’, and it’s fair to say he’s been successful. Jay spoke to LadBible about his success:

“I knew the success that I had last time, and I also knew that I couldn’t come out with something more traditional this time because people would think it was underwhelming.

“I thought ‘what can I do?’ – I will survive, right?

Let’s turn it into something fun, and now two days later I’m interviewing with all the companies and hoping I’m going to get snapped up soon.”

Jay has said he doesn’t think he will ever apply for a job in the traditional way again, and I’m certainly hoping my next job can be snapped up with a Tik Tok.

Watch the Tik Tok below:


TikTok! Do your thing please ?? ##fyp ##hireme

♬ Easy On Me – Adele
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