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Infamous College Athlete Is Now Officially The Face Of Rape

Spoiled Stanford student is now literally a textbook’s definition of rape.

Spoiled Stanford student is now literally a textbook's definition of rape.

Stanford’s biggest piece of shit has actualy become the face for rape.

If you aren’t already aware of one of the most disgusting human beings to manage their way out of a justified and fair jail time, meet Brock Turner. The ex swimmer at Stanford University who was accused of a very violent rape only served 3 months in jail. The case caused a nationwide uproar, shining light on the court sysems lenience towards upper class citizens and also the horror of rape on universities. 

Now, the same pitiful person is now the literal picture of rape. The people’s attention and response to this case was so adamant that Brock Turner now serves as a textbook’s picture for the act of rape.

Callie Marrie Rennison’s second edition of her criminology textbook “Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity, and Change” discussed the issue of rape and consent. Keeping with recent cases, she decided to use Brock Turner as her textbook definition for the case. Although it may not be justification for the unfortunate victim of Turner’s disturbing acts, it at least will serve as a reminder and lesson to those studying similar issues going forward. 

Incase this has completely ruined your bias towards Stanford University (as it has kinda done to mine), check out this dope science that the university did recently!

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