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“F*CK THE SYSTEM!” Rebellious Man Yells As He Hangs On Back Of Toronto Bus!

He did all of this just to dodge the bus fare!

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There are some people out there who would do anything to get out of a bus fare. A twitter user caught a Toronto man hanging on to the back of a moving bus. When he approached the culprit, he was surprised by the man’s answer.

Twitter user, Gure Scarborough, posted a video of this reckless man who holds on to the back of a moving bus. In the video, the bus stops for several seconds and then begins to move again.

The person recording yells, “Yo, what the hell is it? What is this? Only in Toronto,” and then proceeds to address the other man with a great question:

“Oh my God. What do you gotta say?”

“Yeah, buddy. F*ck the system, man!” the man responds.

Wise words for an even wiser man!

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