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Clean Girl Aesthetic: TikTok’s Newest Trend

It’ll leave you looking as fresh as a daisy

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Roman Samborksyi, XanderSt

New trends pop up on social media quicker than you’re aware of the last one, so it’s unsurprising if you haven’t yet heard of the ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’. It simply centers around looking as natural as possible, ironically with the use of makeup.

When you think of models, you think of their stunning runway looks, pairing high-class fashion with exaggerated makeup looks, and maybe less so of their out-of-office paparazzi pics. But in a modern-day era where beauty standards are so high, it’s refreshing to know individuals are aiming to emulate the latter rather than the former, all thanks to TikTok.

Shutterstock/Liam Goodner

Simply put, the Clean Girl Aesthetic is taking a minimalistic approach to both your appearance and your daily routine, replicating a chilled day as if you’re a model who’s not working. Think the likes of Hailey Bieber walking down the street unsuspecting and looking less glam than we’re used to seeing her, but still glam nonetheless!

It commonly includes pairing a nude makeup palette with neutral clothes, including the likes of jeans and a plain top alongside a couple of pieces of jewelry. The name of the game is to be as comfortable and cute as you can whilst not feeling the need to conform to over-the-top beauty standards as many women have previously felt.

Whilst it first appears to be harmless, there are two extremes to this trend, one of which is rather misleading. One approach to the natural look is to essentially wear as little makeup as possible whilst maintaining a good skincare routine, whereas the other sees individuals use a whole heap of makeup to look as though they’re not wearing any. So this effortless look may not actually be as such, with some people placing a lot of effort into appearing as if they haven’t.


‘clean girl’ grwm 👜 happy Saturday bbys #cleangirl #grwm #ootd #aesthetic

♬ smile – 🫂

Unfortunately, this helps perpetuate unhealthy stereotypes about the way in which both men and women need to look, setting them up to believe the trend we see on TikTok is all achieved organically when in actual fact that’s far from the truth. As always, trends can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, and there’s no denying that when we see models on the street they’re wearing plenty of makeup too, so it’s purely a case of knowing what you’re exposed to and not feeling under-par when there’s more behind-the-scenes action than you’re first led to believe.

After all, many of us probably have TikTok brain and are now programmed to sit staring at our phones for hours on end. When was the last time you checked your screen time and smiled?! So being more aware and alert of these sorts of things is always in your best interest, and maybe even taking a step back from social media to find your own personal style might be beneficial!

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