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Shaq Builds Tree Speakeasy in His Backyard

Shaq has a backyard tree speakeasy built for him and his friends to chill in luxury.

Image via USA Today

As a kid, you probably built or dreamed of building a treehouse in your backyard for you and all of your friends. What if you had one right now, what would it look like for your current self?

Well as it turns out the treehouse is not just for childhood memories but for right here, right now.  

NBA legend Shaqille O’Neal has decided to live out all of our fantasies and build his very own treetop speakeasy in his backyard. 

ESPN took to Twitter to rave over Shaq’s new treehouse.

Image via Twitter

The backyard speakeasy it equipped with a stocked bar, poker table, and a portrait of Shaq himself. Sounds like a great place for him and his friends to play cards and smoke cigars. 

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