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S*** is the Most Used Word to Describe 2020

People have used words like s***, f***ed and exhausting to describe 2020.

S*** Is The Most Used Word To Describe 2020
Credit: Pixabay

A poll by The Guardian revealed that people have mostly used the word s*** to describe 2020, followed by the word f***ed and exhausting.

1. S***

I’m pretty sure most of us have used the word s*** at one point this year. Either to describe 2020, the situation or yet another news headline in the news announcing new Covid restrictions. When we celebrated 2020 on the first of January, no one could have imagined what we were in for. While s*** isn’t always appropriate there’s simply no better way to express how we feel about 2020. 261 people voted for the word s***.

2. F***ed

After s***, f***ed is with 208 votes unsurprisingly the second most popular word people have described 2020 with. The word currently has a whole different meaning than when you tell your mates you want to get f***ed in the pub, as that’s exactly what we can’t do right now.

3. Exhausting

In third place comes exhausting with 111 votes. I think we can all agree that this year has been particularly exhausting. With little to no access to social contacts and in extension fun, we haven’t had many chances to replenish our energy. Thus this year has simply been exhausting. 

Other Words

Other popular words to describe the year were ‘challenging,’ ‘unprecedented’ and ‘clusterf***’ Personally, I am exhausted by hearing the word unprecedented and would like to erase it alongside 2020. Maybe the best word to use for 2020 is goodbye. What do you think? Is there one particular word you’d like to use for 2020?

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