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‘Power To Her’ Keeps Giving: Feminists Unite Under Canadian NGO

Power To Her’s vision of unity is based on mutual support and growth. The organization uses its various social media platforms to promote women, businesses, and other organizations at the forefront of change.

Image: Power to Her

‘Power To Her’, a Canadian-based women’s organization, has focused over the past two years on societal issues hitherto prevalent across the world. Power To Her tackles such obstacles in the 21st century by encouraging social change through promoting, educating, and providing the necessary tools and services for progress.

Co-founded by Shuchi M. Jain and Sachreet Chahal, the feminist organization, under the executive directorship of Devika Jain is established on three pillars: promotion, education, and provision.

In an interview with TrillMag, Shuchi revealed,

“In the most blatantly candid way, we decided to begin battling the long-set systems of oppression, discrimination, and inequality because of years of frustration and anger with the misogynistic, heteropatriarchal nature of our society that we and many others have had to endure.”

Power To Her’s vision of unity is based on mutual support and growth. The organization uses its social media platforms to promote women, businesses, and other organizations at the forefront of change.

To boost confidence in women and to bring them together through experiences, Power To Her started The Generational Beauty Project. This project featured eight mother-daughter duos who spoke on their occasions with beauty ideals and “how their relationships have led them to become the women they are today.”

‘Power To Her’ through this picture portray the beauty of women and the power of unity.

The Generational Beauty Project delved into conversations on the evolution of beauty standards set by different generations. “This project explores the differences and similarities in beauty standards between the generation a mother and her daughter have lived through.” This project aims to destroy the barriers of unreal beauty.

The second pillar of pro-women organizations pays undivided attention to education. Power To Her believes in creating awareness of the myriad of issues that young girls and women face.

Gender stereotypes, access to education, inequality in the workplace, and the lack of women in powerful or authoritative positions are just a few of the issues women worldwide face, even in developed nations.

Through the Power Circle Project, the non-profitable organization (NGO) has created a network of influential and successful women in various occupational fields and connect them with females from diverse communities for inspiration, learning, aspiration, and growth.

Examples of women successful in their respective fields, such as Anoshini, Spencer Barbosa, and Adeline Morin, are shared on their website. Power To Her has also conducted a live series with the authors and editors at the UN Women ECA in which they exchanged views about the ‘UN Women’s Awake Not Sleeping’ project.

Power To Her’s last pillar is characterized by providing the necessary tools and services to give back to marginalized communities in urgent need of resources. The organization aims to introduce a series of projects focusing on a particular cause to stimulate actionable change. “Every year we will be targeting a different cause.”

The organization launched a project called ‘The Swear Jar’, which dissects sexist slurs in a feminist context to educate our audience about their real-life experiences. Through this project, the members break down the history of the word, how it’s used today, and whether that slur has been reclaimed by its victims.

“The Swear Jar aims to create a dialogue amongst the public to reflic on the sexist language used against women within media, pop culture, and everyday life as well as its influences on the patriarchy at large”

The feminist organization has successfully gathered international attention through social media outreach, trying tirelessly to create a community of like-minded feminists and women who have faced sexism. They have over 95,000 followers on TikTok and 25,000 on Instagram.

“As a non-profit organization working on a social cause, it is tough to quantify that impact.”The NGO shared with TrillMag that they have increased their reach by 7.7 million video views and 3 million page likes.

“The impact varies from women feeling empowered by our content, or accepting themselves, finding their voice and more,” the co-founder maintained.

The co-founders of the NGO have led several workshops on diversity, intersectionality, and inclusivity at universities and conferences, including the Canadian Association of Business Students Conference, Wilfred Laurier University, Brock University, Ontario Tech University, and York University.

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