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People Propose “Straight Pride” Parade In Midst Of LGBTQ Pride Month

It’s 2019, people!

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LGBTQ – In case you live under a rock, June is Pride Month in the US. The month commemorates the 1969 Stonewall Riots and celebrates the impact LGBTQ-identifying people have made in society. One popular celebration entails pride parades in cities across the US. LGBTQ people and allies alike march together in solidarity to honor LGBTQ rights.

Some people in Boston, however, have other ideas about how pride parades should be handled. A group of Bostonians has proposed a “Straight Pride” parade to the city of Boston. Yes, unfortunately you read that right. Not only is this extremely disrespectful and discriminatory to LGBTQ people, the idea is also absolutely pathetic. We are in 2019, correct?

We’re not sure who exactly would show up to a straight pride parade, but we do know that we don’t want to march alongside those a-holes. On another note, LGBTQ pride parades are boisterous, colorful, and simply wonderful. We imagine the environment of straight parades, on the other hand, would be dull, awkward, and downright embarrassing.

After the announcement, people immediately took to Twitter, of course, to voice their opinions on the preposterous idea.

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Looks like if the City of Boston doesn’t allow the straight parade to happen, it’s as equally discriminatory as if an LGBTQ parade was not allowed. Whatever you do, stay away from those bozos marching in the straight parade, and go have fun at your local pride parade instead. You’ll have a much better time!

For More Interesting article follow the link: In more controversy-causing news, take a look at this fake gay pride parade organized in Sweden.

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