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People in America are Freezing Their Old Jeans – and Using Them to Save Parking Spots

February’s viral internet challenge? Floating, frozen clothing.

Credit : Youtube / Reuters

We love a good internet challenge as much as anyone, and this one is no different. In an attempt to bring some joy and laughter to one of the coldest and most isolating winters in recent history, people in Minnesota and now Chicago have been freezing their clothes as part of the Frozen Pants Challenge. 

Chicago native Adam Selzer began freezing his jeans originally as a form of street art – floating clothing in the icy, frozen streets of Chicago. He explained the idea on Twitter:

Other social media uses came to him with the question – can this ‘street art’ be functional? As in, could you use it to reserve a parking spot? (Yeah, not the most obvious use we know, but we love the creativity!) Seltzer explained the method he used to freeze them, giving the internet the freedom to try it out themselves. Which they did! Naturally.

This has also been a viral challenge in Minnesota, a place where intensely, oppressively cold winters come with the location. Tom Grotting claims to have come up with the idea six years, during one of Minneapolis’ famous Arctic blasts. He says that the temperature needs to be 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, which translates to -17 degrees Celsius (approximately)! So not a challenge that will make it across the pond to our -1 degree snowstorms… 

We love the creativity and the humour of this challenge, but we really hope this polar vortex won’t last much longer – being stuck inside is bad enough, without the added headache of having to wear two pairs of socks all day everyday (and two pairs of pyjamas to bed)!

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