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Near Miss With Bull Shark For ‘Home And Away’ Actor

Bull Shark scares surfers in Australia.

Home and Away extra surfed right over a bull shark off of the coast of Cellito Beach in New South Wales, Australia.

A nineteen-year-old, enjoying his weekend, had a shock when a seemingly innocent shadow in the water turned out to be a bull shark. The Home and Away extra, Mitch Hargreaves, surfed right over the top of the shark, which he thought was a large piece of seaweed.

He’s Not The Only One to Have Met A Shark This Year.

Hargreaves initial response was ‘to surf over the top of it, so I could paddle in the opposite direction,’ which sounds mad but clearly it worked. The teen caught the footage on his GoPro of the exact moment the incident took place.

Hargreaves instantly began to leave the water paddling to shore as fast as he could. When he had reached safety he began calling to the other surfers, including his father. Trying to warn them of the extra surfer below the waves.

This event could have been a tragedy as paddling, to a shark, can resemble the movement of a turtle or in other words dinner. Although sharks are rarely known to spontaneously attack without being provoked first. In fact, attack rates are around 65 per year and most of those aren’t close to fatal.

Luckily the teenager caught the footage because his fellow surfers didn’t believe him when he called them. There are so rarely sharks in those waters I wouldn’t believe it either if it weren’t for the video. Despite the ordeal, it still should be said that the shark, despite its size and shock factor, was no threat to the sensible surfers.

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