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Man Who Befriends Serial Killers Shows Off The Gifts He Has Received From Them

If you like true crime, read this!

Feature Image from Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons

You heard that right. A man who befriends serial killers shows off the various gifts he’s received from his rather unusual friends.

For over 30 years now, Phil Chalmers has been in touch with many different murderers and has spoken with them. From this, he’s received many different gifts over the years. Chalmers said, “You get things. You get letters. You get Christmas cards. You get paintings.”

Some of these gifts include a doll head that was found in Dennis Rader’s shed, unpublished books, and a painting of Jesus by John Wayne Gacy. He even owns a candy wrapper from the factory that Jeffrey Dahmer worked at. Of these gifts, some of them have been donated from law enforcement.

Image from Phil Chalmers / Facebook

Alongside the books Chalmers has written about this experience, he has released a podcast called “Where The Bodies Are Buried,” which recently launched in August. Chalmers said, “I’m not a fan of true crime. I talk to a lot of victims and their families. I see the pain that these crimes bring. I speak for the dead.” The podcasts are about 40 minutes long and they even feature interviews with some of the inmates. You can listen to Chalmers’ new podcast on streaming platforms to hear all about this venture and you can learn more about him on his Facebook page.

Feature Image from Phil Chalmers / Facebook

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