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Is “Soulmate Sketch” A Scam?

Everybody wants to meet their soulmate and this new online service called “Soulmate Sketch” claims it can provide an accurate drawing of your soulmate in under 24 hours…

Soulmate sketch
Credit: Shutterstock/chainarong06

Soulmate sketch is an online service powered by a psychic known as Master Wang, who claims to have psychic abilities that allow him to capture an image of anyone’s soulmate. The idea sounds great on paper but with mountains of customers claiming that the service is all a sham, could it all be too good to be true?

The Origins of The “Soulmate Sketch”

Master Wang is a psychic artist and astrologer famous throughout China and highly respected for his work. Despite being well-known, his real identity is shrouded in mystery: nobody knows who he really is or what he looks like. 

His humble beginnings kicked off in the streets of China, where he used his gift to sketch soulmate drawings for regular people who hoped to catch a glimpse of their one true love. After gaining popularity, some locals decided to set up a website for Master Wang so that his services could be accessible far and wide. Now his drawings are also sought after by the wealthy and powerful.

“My drawings are very realistic and accurate,” a description from the page says. “This service will bring a reflection of whom you are going to marry, describing and drawing the physical appearance of your soulmate!”

All you need to do is provide your name, gender, date of birth, sexual orientation, and racial preference and pay a questionable fee of around $20, and the Chinese psychic will draw up a digital sketch of the love of your life with a description of their character and deliver it to you in just under 24 hours. Considering that millions of people spend their entire lifetimes looking for their soulmate, this isn’t such a bad deal after all.

Credit: Masterwangdrawings

The Legitimacy of The Service

If you pay for the service, you will receive the sketch as promised – that is indisputable. Doubts regarding the legitimacy of Soulmate Sketch arise when you start to question whether or not the person pictured can truly be regarded as your true soulmate.

Online, the reception to the service is mixed: some have left stellar reviews, claiming that after receiving the picture, a romantic interest that they met later on actually resembled the person in Master Wang’s drawing.

Credit: Quora/Enlightened Soul

Others, however, haven’t had the same luck:

Credit: Tiktok/paigezby

It is important to note that many of the positive reviews seemed to have been left by bots or accounts promoting the service, which made it all the more sketchy.

Soulmates – What Are They?

Soulmates mean something different to everyone. To some, soulmates are a once-in-a-lifetime love, a person with whom you share a deep spiritual connection with. The person you’re destined to marry and build a life with. Others, however, believe that soulmates don’t always necessarily have to share a romantic connection, and they can be anyone: a pet,  a friend, a family member, or a mentor. 

Despite which definition resonates more with you, soulmates are a popular topic of discussion for a reason. On some level, romantic love fascinates all of us. We fear it for the deep level of hurt that it can cause and simultaneously crave it for the emotional highs it allows us to reach. All of us (or at least a lot of us) want to experience it, and a soulmate sketch drawn by a stranger on the internet who claims to be a master psychic isn’t a prerequisite to do so.

Credit: Shutterstock/Creative Nerd

Final Verdict

Is “Soulmate Sketch” a scam? Yes and no.

The service delivers the drawings it promises, but the website has thousands of bots and accounts promoting its services online, which greatly decreases its legitimacy. In addition, there are infinite possibilities of who you could meet and end up with, so it is highly unlikely that this service can predict who your one true love will be. Go out, live your life, try your best to be a good human being, and you’ll be sure to meet someone who sees the light in you.

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