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Instagram Influencers Plus Schrader: Blockbuster Hit?

An Instagram influencer takes centre stage in oscar-nominee Paul Shrader’s new screenplay.

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Instagram influencers have taken the internet by storm. Their next takeover? The big screen. All thanks to Paul Schrader, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of First Reformed, who has chosen an influencer to be the centre of his next project. 

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Life From the Other Side follows Emily Limos, an Instagram influencer with nearly a million followers, and friend Moussa “Mouse” Lafitte. The two team up to scam the money they need to make ends meet. Therefore, Mouse works as Limos’ bodyguard and driver, gaining him money, and her safety.

Bradley Bredeweg (of The Fosters and its spin-off Good Trouble) is taking the lead as director. A writer and show co-creator, Bredeweg will be making his feature directorial debut with Life From the Other Side. The film is suggested to begin shooting in early 2020.

Outside of this, we know very little about Schrader’s new project. The world of influencers isn’t one commonly explored within feature films. So, Shrader’s approach, and the public’s response, will surely be exciting. Considering Schrader often tackles artificial characters with self-destructive tendencies, a screenplay about a millennial Instagram influencer seems well-suited.

Instagram influencers have made their way to the forefront of the news within the past two years. For example, some stories have surfaced recently of influencers selling their bathwater, and disrespecting Chernobyl. In short, Shrader’s new script is likely to be an interesting look into an industry quite unlike any other.

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