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Golf Fan Finds Himself Trapped For Being In The Sand Trap

Remember when playing in the sand used to be fun? Think again.

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Clayton Baker had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club, but a cup of sand derailed his visit more than anybody could’ve imagined.

The white sand that fills the bunkers at the Augusta National Golf Club is unlike any other course. The sand traps here are made up of the pure Spruce Pine sand.

This Spruce Pine is longed for by many, especially Baker. At the 2012 Masters, Baker slipped onto the course when nobody was around to get his hands on some of this sand. He wanted to bring it home to share with his son — what’s the big deal, right? Wrong.

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After Baker scooped up some sand in a beer cup, he was then surrounded by security, slapped, tackled, insulted and spat on by the guards. Soon after, he was taken to the county jail.

Baker was released after paying his $285 bail, but that wasn’t the end for him. This became a story that was covered all over the country. He was humiliated back in his home town. “I was seriously depressed for weeks,” said Baker.

As for the guards, I understand having to make an example out of the “thief”, but this for sure could’ve been handled differently. How much of a hard-o do you have to be to spit on, and verbally abuse somebody over a cup of sand. This reminds me of the baseball purists who say, “you’re ruining the integrity of the game.” Come on. Get over yourself.

By no means am I defending what Baker did when he was trying to get his hands on the sand. However, how hard would it have been to take the sand back, and potentially ban him from the course. Spitting seems like a bit much.

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