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Fundraiser For Ted From Scrubs Was Set Up – Raised $100,000 In Two Days

The power of TV.

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Every 90’s kid should remember the 2001 hospital-centered comedy-drama Scrubs. If you do, you remember the show’s embattled yet hilarious lawyer Ted Buckland.

The actor Sam Lloyd, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, as well as a brain tumor. This news comes just as him and his wife Vanessa welcomed their first child. Longtime fans of the show learned this and sprung into action via a GoFundMe page.

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The page absolutely caught fire and reached it’s $100,000 goal in just 2 days. The power of fandom has given the actor a fighting chance to beat cancer. Here’s the text from the GoFundMe:

Midway through January, Sam began to experience headaches and he had lost 10 pounds. He figured the headaches were caused by the lack of sleep that came along with his new role as Daddy, and the weight loss seemed like it could easily be the byproduct of a busy schedule – Sam had spent the better part of 2018 going back and forth to Vermont to care for his ailing mother, Marianna.

On Thursday, January 17th, as his headaches grew stronger, Sam decided to go to the doctor. The doctor thought the pain might be sinus-related so he ordered a CT Scan. The scan revealed a mass on Sam’s brain.

Within a day, he was in brain surgery. Unfortunately the tumor was too intertwined so the surgeons couldn’t remove it.

By Sunday, Sam and Vanessa were informed that the cancer in his brain had metastasized from his lungs. Further scans showed the cancer was also in his liver, spine, and jaw.

In the face of this devastating news, Sam and Vanessa have been incredibly strong and positive. Humor and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam’s life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead.

Just hours after being diagnosed, Sam was cheering on his beloved New England Patriots in his hospital room. When the nurse asked him to ‘Cheer quieter,” Sam politely nodded. When the nurse left the room, Sam turned to Vanessa and his friends and said, “What are they gonna do? Kill me?

Sending our thoughts & prayers out to Sam and his family. It takes a strong human to be positive in the face of such a deadly disease. The lives his character touched have shown their gratitude and given back in his most desperate time of need. TV can be such an amazing thing. Wishing Sam the best in his fight!

I’m sure Sam would have a good laugh at his former co-star Zack Braff’s face being plastered on an E.D. ad.

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