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Forget Your Zodiac Sign, What Your Nativity Scene Role Predicts About Your Future

The answers you are searching for may not be in the stars, but under the North Star.

For years, humans have looked to zodiac signs for guidance. What should my career be, and how much will I make? What are my personality traits, and will I be happy with my life? These are questions humans have turned to the stars for the answers. This holiday season, however, we have a better way to predict your future, and it involves the North Star.

According to a new study done by Virgin Media in the UK, the role children play in the traditional Nativity scene may be linked to their professional and personal success in the future. In this study, 2000 adults were asked about their role in Nativity scenes as children and researchers found these roles correlated with career, income, personality traits, and overall satisfaction with life as adults.  

So, think back. Were you the ox or an angel? Did you snag the role of Mary or Joseph, or were you the narrator? Continue below to see what your role says about you.


Adults who played Mary as a child were found to most likely work in retail earning $42k a year. As adults, Marys were found to be extroverted with a strong social circle. They know the best brunch spots and enjoy yoga in their free time. Sounds like this lead role sets adults us for success as over 90% of Marys reported that they were happy with their lives.


Josephs know about the good things in life. They usually have a good sense of humor and shop ‘till they drop. Josephs support this lifestyle by working in finance with an average income of $70k. They seem to have it all with 91% of adults reporting contentedness with their lives.

Angel Gabriel

Marketing is where you can find adults who played Angel Gabriel as a child. As adults, they like to exercise and are avid readers. Their income and happiness come in right below Mary and Joseph, finding the angel Gabriel makes $65k, but only 83% report happiness with their lives.

Image via: Pexels

Inn Keeper

The Inn Keepers find themselves in the manual labor industry with average earnings of $55k. Seemingly quizzical, they enjoy puzzles or a good game of chess and are generally content with 89% of participants reporting they are happy with their lives.


Shepherds must be friends with Josephs because they share the same love for humor and shopping. Shepherds also work in finance and make slightly more than their Nativity scene counterparts with an average income of $76K. This bump in income doesn’t seem to provide much more contentedness than Josephs with 91% of adult shepherds reporting happiness with their lives.

Angels or Lambs

It is no surprise that on average adult Angels are most likely to work in healthcare earning an average income of $55k. As adults they are optimistic, and almost 90% of adult angels report satisfaction with their lives, however, adult lambs report a much lower level satisfaction with only 83% reporting satisfaction.


If cast as one of three kings, chances are you work in construction, repair, or maintenance earning an average of $60k a year. With 85% of adult Kings reporting contentedness in their lives, Kings spend their free time gaming and birdwatching.


The ox, surprisingly, comes in with one of the higher incomes at $65k and usually works in advertising. These individuals are often the center of attention but are pessimistic at heart which makes sense that only 88% of adult ox reporting finding contentment in their lives.


Adult narrators are most likely to be educators and earn on average $55k. They like to be out riding horses or shopping and have a relatively high contentedness with life reporting that 89% of adult narrators find satisfaction in their lives.

How well does your role match up? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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