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This is the World’s Most Dangerous Ice Cream

A chili ice cream that will melt your mouth and that could kill you.

Credit: Respiro Del Diavolo

A Glasgow-based ice-cream parlor has made this incredible ice cream, dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous’. 

Lee and Martin Bandoni, brothers and business partners have released this ice cream specifically, yet ironically, for Valentine’s day. Using a top-secret recipe that only a handful of people know the two brothers have created an ice cream that is 500 times hotter than tabasco.

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This less than loving treat ranks at 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale, which is used to rate the heat of chillis.

The ice cream, which comes at the standard price for the cafe, is officially called the “Respiro Del Diavolo” (Breath of the Devil). Which if isn’t enough warning of its heat, it can only be handled with gloves on.

And if that is still not enough, a disclaimer must be signed by customers, who have to be over 18yrs, accepting the risk of illness and even death.

According to the brothers; the idea for the hellish ice cream came from Italy, where men will often go for a romantic meal and finish off with a chill ice cream as it’s known to be an aphrodisiac. Now the idea of mouth-melting ice cream doesn’t sound so absurd in the modern world of dating.

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