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With KFC Closed The Colonel Has Turned To Food Reviews

KFC has started reviewing chicken during these times of quarantine.

Without a doubt, coronavirus has switched up the daily routines of almost everybody around the globe: that includes businesses as well. And although Kentucky Fried Chicken still has its drive-thru option available, the company has added food reviews to their business model. 

Not in all actuality, but as you can see KFC’s United Kingdom / Ireland Twitter account has offered its services in reviewing your homemade fried chicken using the #RateMyKFC. 

Unfortunately for most people KFC’s disclaimer rang true. Their reviews of the homemade chicken definitely landed more on the side of Gordon Ramsay, rather than that of Marry Berry. 

Hey, at least they gave them a seven!

Anyhow, I love that this KFC account is doing this. This isn’t the first time a food service company has done something like this online, but in a time where most people are sitting at home continually scrolling their Twitter feeds it’s always fun to see something like this pop up.

First off, you get the snarky (borderline hilarious) remarks from their account like that in the tweet above. Secondly, you get to seem some pretty good meals from all around the globe. 

These never ending pictures of food make me both hungry and interested in cooking something of my own. I have a sweet tooth so I’ll most likely go down the chocolate dessert path instead of making my own fried chicken, but either way this KFC Twitter account brought a smile to my face. It gave me something interesting to read, while also giving me some of my own ideas. If you have to stay inside you might as well bake some cookies, right? 

Image by Denys Vitali from Pixabay 
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