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VIDEO: The World’s Most Expensive Avocado Toast Is Here!

Got the money for one?

Got the money for one?
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Do you like avocado toast? Me too.

But would you pay $100 for a piece of avocado toast? Probably not.

It started off with a couple of people from Uproxx who visited Burnt Crumbs at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. They challenged the head chef Paul Cao to make the most expensive avocado toast he could dream of. And he definitely exceeded expectations!


First, Cao mashed up the avocado with some white truffle oil. Then he added butter-poached lobster and topped the toast off with a LOT of expensive edible gold flakes.

Guess how much the price ended up to be?

A $100. Yes, one piece of toast for $100.

No matter what you put on toast, bread is bread and I don’t think any kind of toast above $10 is worth it.

The Restaurant

Burnt Crumbs started off as a food truck and is now famous for its gourmet sandwiches. Some of the staples include the crispy house pork sandwich and an 11-day house Pastrami sandwich. Yum!

But I’d never pay $100 for avocado toast or any sandwich. And I doubt any other broke college students like me would. But I guess there are always exceptions.

If you’re into avocado toast, then you should check out the new Starbucks avocado spread!

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