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Supermarket Scandal: Meat Traces Found In Vegan Meals

Meat free does not always mean stress free.

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It happens all too often, you ask for a meal to not have something in it and it sometimes accidentally winds up in there. However, in supermarket food where you put your trust in something, to tell the truth, what happens when those traces sneak in?

The Daily Telegraph selected ten vegan supermarket items and found two came back with traces of meat. Furthermore, the Food Standards Agency have of course got involved to investigate these claims.

Mike Jeavons decided to do a ‘Week on Vegan’ after hitting 100k subscribers, for his YouTube series. He ate some of the ‘Wicked Kitchen’ meals from Tesco accused of having traces of meat. He jokes about how a vegetable in the dish looks like a piece of liver but obviously was not because that is not vegan. Well, we don’t know Mike…

Of course, the actual meat found in the meals was “traces of pork in Sainsbury’s own brand Meat Free Meatballs, and traces of turkey in Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen BBQ Butternut Mac.” Not quite a piece of liver, disguised as a courgette.

Would you boycott a supermarket following these findings?

Having done tests on their products, the two supermarket giants have ensured they have not found any animal DNA themselves. This could be anything from meat or animal skin to gelatine and oil.

Many vegans will be able to accept that they are unable to know 100% of the time if what they are eating has come in to contact with animal suffering. Some may recognise the good they are doing in making these food choices and realise this is the fault of the manufacturer, not the consumer. However, the FSA says this issue is about customer confidence. Until the evidence of the meat traces is fully investigated, we can imagine some boycotting of these supermarkets.

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