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Start Your Summer Off Right With These Alcoholic Popsicles

Get trashed off of frozen treats.

Images Credit: Lapp

Well, we’re a little under three weeks away from the summer solstice. The days are getting hotter and longer. Many of you have wrapped up finals and are settling into your summer jobs; selling your time and souls to capitalism. What better way to deal with that than to get trashed in your free time with some sweet alcoholic popsicles?  

These really rather ingenious “Poptails” were created this year by Lapp, a company founded two London-based women, Cécilia Thomas and Laura Faeh. UK-based pop culture magazine Konbini spoke with Lapp founder Cécilia Thomas about how the project got started:

“I was working in marketing and had to come up with a new project for a vodka brand. I learnt how to make ice lollies myself, I bought all the materials and I got started. After meeting my roommate Laura, we started to propose them to London street food markets. When we saw that it was starting to catch on we decided to quit our jobs and launch Lapp!”

Sporting an ABV ranging from 3% to 6.5%, these Poptails are low enough in percentage to eat like ten without getting tipsy enough to black out and fall off your pool floaty. I mean, unless you’re a total light weight. Peach Bellini, Strawberry Mojito, Tropic Punch, and Melon Spritz are the current alcoholic flavors. And for you non-saucers, the Berry Berry option is alcohol free.

Lapp sells their products in the UK and France and is open to stock events. Unfortunately they’ve yet to expand to locations in the US (but if you’re really desperate to try these Poptails you can inquire about ordering them here). If you’re not quite willing to cough up the cash or wait for your Poptails to be dropped on your doorstep, the internet is full of do-it-yourself recipes. Check out some of these cool recipes here!

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