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Retro Crisp Cafe Set To Open With All-You-Can-Eat Throwbacks

Say what?

Image via: UniLad

Crisps are one of the most popular snack options in the UK. Though they aren’t a delicacy per se, the delicious saltiness makes them irresistible. And for a limited time, a pop-up stand in Bristol is releasing throwbacks of your favorite crisp flavors.

What a dream, right? The pop-up cafes will be all-you-can-eat. They are going to roll out all the best crisp flavors from the 90s, and you can enjoy them to your heart’s content.

If you live in the west of the UK you are in luck. Bristol is the only location where this crunchy event is taking place. It will be held on August 30th and again on September 6th. It’s a little weird the first crisp-only pop-up event isn’t taking place in London, but maybe if this event is a success it will move to the big city!

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You have to buy tickets for this event (hosted by Foozie), but they are only €10. You can buy them right here. The cafés will feature all your old favorites including Quarterbacks, Wheat Crunchies, Chip Sticks, French Fries, Tangy Toms, and Roysters. Along with the selling of the crisps, there will be multiple types of dips for your dunking enjoyment. Sit back and relax while a DJ plays your cherished 90s hits. And don’t forget to wash down those crisps with a little Um Bongo.

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Cheap, delicious, and nostalgic? Sounds like the perfect place. Enjoy!

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