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Restaurant Goes Viral Over Unusual Left-Behind Item

The responses online have certainly been mixed.

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It’s not everyday you find someone’s personal belongings under a table, especially not a piece of clothing. This Belfast-based restaurant received quite a shock when they carried out their routine clean…

There’s no doubt that films exaggerate raunchy scenes, but one eatery found themselves at the receiving end of what seemed to be straight out of a movie. Top Blade describes itself as ‘Belfast’s finest dedicated steakhouse’, making it undoubtedly a hotspot for couples, but one seemingly enjoyed themselves a bit too much.

Luckily, they managed to see the funny side, adding “#mental #hilarious menus all binned after every customer anyhow ?“, with many other online users making their own jokes. One facebook member commented “best tip ever!!!!”, whilst another joked “That’s some compliment. Knocked the knickers clean off her”.

Unfortunately, the joke didn’t please everyone, with some expressing their outrage over the restaurant’s online “shaming”. Despite over 4,000 laughing reactions and 1,1000 shares, there were some critics amongst the 7k comments.

One unhappy user stated “Top Blade Belfast this is a disgraceful post. I’m so disgusted that a business would shame a customer like this. Do you know how many women carry spare underwear in their bags? And these could’ve fallen out?” 

Another added “As somebody who has done digital marketing courses I can say without doubt that this is an obvious publicity stunt, timed perfectly to coincide with the [new Northern Ireland Voucher] scheme…”

Despite the criticism faced, business seems to be booming. They’re still active on social media, even posting photos of new menu items they’ll be adding soon. But if a steakhouse isn’t what you’re fancying, Eminem has just founded a new restaurant that’s receiving rave reviews

Regardless of whether this was a simple publicity stunt or a genuine occurrence, it resulted in a lot of laughter and helped the business far more than it hindered it. Who would have thought a woman’s missing underwear would be such an online scandal?!

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