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Pizza Topped With Cheese And Candyfloss – Yay Or Nay?

Every Italian’s nightmare dish.

Are you the kind of person who likes pairing two of your favorite foods together? If so, watch out for candyfloss pizza! 

Sounds pretty disgusting, right? However, you might like this weird combination of pizza topped with cheese and candyfloss if you like pineapple toppings on your pizza.


#わたあめ #ピザ クラフトビールが美味しい。このピザも美味しい。 #? #?

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Schmatz Beer Dining restaurant in Tokyo, Japan has decided to start serving this dish to the horror of Italians all over the world.

Although it sounds like a simple dish, there are various layers to this creation.

First, the pizza is topped with three different kinds of cheeses. Second, it is covered with lots and lots of candyfloss. And finally, a mixture of honey and ginger sauce is drizzled onto the entire thing, which deflates the huge clump of candyfloss into a pink syrupy mess.

Personally, I would be a little terrified to try this dish out, in case I destroy my love for pizza in the process. However, according to the restaurant, the novelty pizza is pretty popular among diners so far!

Further changes

But this is not all!


?????? Hohoho! Ja, ist denn schon Weihnachten? コットンキャンディーピザ?!? シュマッツビアダイニングでゲットだっぜ! すごくおいしいよ! Cotton Candy Pizza. Unexpected deli. Leute, bei uns gibt es Cotton Candy Pizza im Restaurant! Und sie schmeckt geil! Der pinke Pfeffer addet echt was zur süßen Zuckerwatte. So wie @mattmaddsen ‘s Hand dem Bild eine besondere Würze verleiht lol. Schaut mal bei ihm vorbei! ? #bartbroauthors #tokyo #japan #booklover #büchersüchtig #büchersucht #bookworm #bookaholic #lesen #leser #schreiben #autorenleben #schriftsteller #japanisch #buch #bücher #bücherliebe #literatur #bookstagram #instabook #instabooks #leseratte #bücherwurm #writerslife #neuesbuch #japanfan #japanreise #japantipp #japantipps #japanfreak

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To celebrate the beginning of spring, Schmatz will be serving a special cherry blossom edition of the sauce until 2 April. This special edition contains cherry blossoms mixed into the previous ginger and honey sauce.

Usually, I’m a pizza lover through and through. But I’m not sure if I can stomach candyfloss pizza. Compared to this freakish concoction, the Hawaiian pizza sounds pretty delicious!

However, if candyfloss pizza is your thing, you should definitely check out these giant 2 foot long pizza slices!

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