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Has The Most ‘Perfect’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever Been Achieved?

They sell 8,000 per week at this place!

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We’re all a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie. Have you ever wondered what differentiates a good cookie from a really good cookie? Well, no… neither have I to be honest- but we’ll let you know anyway.

According to pastry chef, Jacques Torres, the perfect chocolate chip cookie has been created. The iconic chef sells over 8000 cookies a week. So, they must be pretty good.

What makes the cookie so special? Apparently, there’s a whole lot of science behind this phenomenon. The recipe includes bread flour and cake flour, helping to enable its perfectly soft and chewy texture. The most striking aspect of the cookie is its soft gooeyness on the inside and its contrastingly crunchy outside.

Chocolate Chip CookiesMilkandCardamom

In addition to the specific kinds of flour, another important ingredient is fleur-del-sel sprinkled on them. This is a kind of salt that creates a delicate, crunchy exterior. Torres also highlights the amount of time needed to rest the dough, supposedly 24-36 hours. Making the perfect cookie takes a lot of time and effort! I get carried away just making cookies in the first place and usually end up eating a large portion of the cookie dough. I guess not all of us have the patience it takes to make this cookie.

How it’s done:

If you can watch that whole video without your mouth watering slightly, I’m impressed! The cookie really does look delicious, and this guy certainly knows what he’s talking about. If only a batch would just appear ready made in my house…

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