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People Are Transforming Pasta Into Chips And TikTok Has Gone Wild

And for my next trick I will turn this pasta into chips (crisps if ya British)

Credit: @feelgoofoodie / TikTok

The new TikTok trend that is sweeping the internet is the strange yet highly delicious food hack, Air Fryer permitting.

Many trends have hit TikTok throughout the year, from whipped coffee to feta pasta, and let’s be honest the majority of us have almost pulled a muscle or shed a tear participating in these tasty trends. Next on the menu is pasta chips, or crisps if you’re British, let the name debate commence. But it’s crisps, right?

One of the most popular food influencers on TikTok is @feelgoodfoodie who popularised this trend which consists of placing pasta within an air fryer to crisp them up and give that expected crunch we expect in chips (crisps). There are multiple accompaniments that could accompany this snack, think queso bandito, salsa, or @feelgoodfoodies whipped feta dip. If you are a fellow feta enthusiast after the feta pasta then this is the dip for you, with three easy payments of whisking your arm in a circular motion.

Watch below how these crispy little beauties are created:

Video Credit: @feelgoodfoodie / TikTok

With a little olive oil, parmesan cheese, and your own selection of herbs and spices, you can make your own at home dependent on your air fryer ownership although I wonder if they would be successful in the oven? If you hear fire engines then no you didn’t, that is just an experiment in progress.

If these delicious creations have nourished the body but not the mind then click here and read about the brilliantly stupid idea of deep-frying water. Can you say spell oil fire?

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