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Mayochup, On It’s Way To The UK?

New condiment coming to a store near you!

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Heinz is known for their sauces- like ketchup, ranch, or mayonnaise. Many people have been low key mixing the two mayo and ketchup to form the super sauce known as “mayochup”; also known as “dipping sauce” or “fry mix”. The super fast food restaurant, Wendy’s, already includes mayo and ketchup on their burgers so the two mix frequently.

It should come as no surprise that the company wants to cash in on the compound mix. Will it be the right amount of mayo to ketchup? Some people like their mix a little lighter and some like it redder than most. According to this article, “They decided to roll this out via a Twitter vote in the USA that received over a million positive votes and actually led to its release and they’re now doing a similar initiative over here in the UK. They’ve stuck up a poll on Twitter today and 15,000 people have voted but bizarrely 42% of them have voted against it? Not really sure what that’s about but considering it’s continuing for six days and they only need 50,000 positive votes to bring it out, I’m fairly confident we’ll reach that milestone”

Will they reel it out when they get 50,000 positive votes? Or are they going to churn the sauce out anyway? Looks like all people will have to keep their eyes peeled on the shelves the next couple of months. Let’s just hope it isn’t a stunt that is going to flop, like Domino’s in Russia telling people they would get free pizzas for a Domino’s tattoo.

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