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KFC Is Launching A Zinger Chicken Burger Into Outer Space!

Yes, really.

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You read it right. They are not launching a new burger. They’re launching a burger into space.

There’s been a lot going on in the world recently. Political turmoil. Disastrous events. Celebrity feuds. I think the last thing we were all expecting was to find out thay KFC are launching their Zinger Burger into outer space. So many questions.

The burger isn’t just going to the moon. Not just to the edges of our atmosphere, but to the edges of space. I think the question ringing in most people’s head right now is…but why? I guess you could call it a controversial self-promotion. That’s some pretty edgy and creative advertising if you ask me.

So how does it work? KFC are going to send a cargo balloon to carry the Zinger Burger thousands of metres above sea level. From here, it’s just going to keep on floating and floating…until it reaches the mysterious depths of outer space. Hopefully it won’t get sucked into any black holes en route (what a waste of chicken).

Watch a clip about the mission here:

KFC have been actively tweeting about the Zinger Burger mission, and seem pretty excited.



Slowly over time, KFC are revealing more and more about the bizarre project. I guess only time will tell what the hell is actually going on here, because I sure as hell have no idea.

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