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Journalist Stakes Out His Local Domino’s To See If The Tracker Bar Is Accurate

This is serious journalism folks!

Brian VanHooker/Melmagazine

Local Dominos – So not everyone can be covering Brexit right? Well it’s a relief to see that serious questions are now being answered – ones that definitely apply to me as a student!

Brian VanHooker of Melmagazine decided to take up a bit of investigative journalism and stake out his local Domino’s to find out if the tracker bar is an accurate indication of how ready your pizza is.

The results were shocking!

His conclusion was (VIA):

So sure, the Domino’s Pizza Tracker was only off by a few minutes, but it was pretty clear that the progress bar was in no way related to what was actually going on. Instead, it seems like it’s just a pre-timed estimate of how long each step should take, but in no way is it customized for your order.

In short, I totally blew the lid off this whole pizza tracker thing, man. I don’t want to compare myself to Woodward and Bernstein or anything, but I’m pretty sure they never stalked a pizza man on a rainy evening to expose the truths that will haunt a generation. After all, they had Deep Throat to spoon-feed them what they needed to know, whereas I only had my notebook, my Domino’s app and my undying dedication to the truth. And to pineapple on pizza.

I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Still, his Domino’s arrived in about an hour. I’ve had to wait almost three hours before now! (In fairness there was a lot of traffic and we got free stuff but tstill!)

You know what though? The thing that I take away from all this is that someone else likes pineapple on pizza. Remember guys, you’re not alone!

For more news on God’s favourite food, check out the new ‘Gravy Supreme’ By KFC And Pizza Hut.

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