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Is Chef Gordon Ramsay Going Vegan?!

Could the Hell’s Kitchen Master Be Taking The Plunge?

@GordonRamsay Twitter

Gordon Ramsay made ripples in the Twittersphere this week when he uploaded a photo of a vegan pizza… before swiftly deleting it.

The vegan pizza is actually from his new restaurant, open in London, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza. The “Charred Aubergine” has aubergine, pine nuts, garlic pesto, with a tomato base and no cheese. Ramsay teased his Twitter followers with the veggie pizza despite repeatedly stating he likes eating meat and does not want to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Despite making some offhand comments about PETA, stating he is a part of the ‘people eating the animals’, most chefs appreciate what vegetarian and vegan dishes bring to their restaurants, including inclusivity.

However, Gordon caused a stir when he deleted his first tweet showing the pizza and replaced it with a picture of a slice missing. Perhaps he just wanted to demonstrate that he was actually trying it due to his previous comments. It is unclear why he deleted the tweet, and even if he enjoyed the pizza as he hasn’t responded to any replies.

Why do you think he deleted it?

Although the actual tweet suggests he may be trying a vegan diet for a longer period of time. It may have also just been a promotion for his new pizza place. Perhaps the overwhelming feedback will inspire him to create more vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Hopefully with some vegan cheese next time.

The menu is simple and healthy with only 5 pizzas, including a daily special. Also, no chips in sight under the sides. We wonder if this is a new start for the meat-loving chef. He has previously helped a vegetarian zookeeper eat meat again, but perhaps someone is helping the chef?

PETA was not at all surprised with president Ingrid Newkirk saying: “PETA knew that Hell would not have to freeze over before Gordon Ramsay gave the best food in the world a try: vegan food.”

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