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Here’s Where You Can Get Free Food Delivery From Right Now

The near free delivery costs have people calling for more.

With coronavirus shutting down restaurants and bars around the world, businesses have been losing money left and right. To help offset the impact the disease has had on their finances, food chains and delivery services have lowered their delivery fees significantly. In some cases, that expense has even been dropped to $0.00. 

Talk about awesome! Sign me up for all the cheap delivery in the world. I would love nothing more than to wake up to the smell of a McGriddle on my front porch. Joking aside, this is great for both retailers and consumers.

First of all, these businesses are keeping people safe. Contactless delivery is able to continue the practice of social distancing while providing people with the food they love to enjoy.

At the same time, businesses have been able to stay open which has helped get some cash flow into the economy during this unprecedented time. It has been a win-win for everyone so far. 

Still, there are people out there that get upset over everything and continue to treat workers disrespectfully if a straw is misplaced in their goody bag. So, I guess this is my PSA to treat these cooks, drivers, etcetera with the utmost respect.

Everyone is dealing with a lot with the anxiety of the virus hanging over our heads. Throwing a temper tantrum about something as little as takeout – which pretty much has free delivery at this point –  is childish.

While people are putting themselves at risk of COVID-19 to get you your Popeye’s chicken sandwich, the least you could is be courteous. Maybe you could even give a tip! I just hope they are not the type of tips KFC has been giving to foodies on Twitter.

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @OfficialJoelF

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