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Happy Cheester! Asda Reveals Cheesy New Egg!

A weird and wonderful Easter treat.


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Chocolate Easter eggs. The moment Christmas is over, supermarkets seem to be already dangling these enticing sweets in our direction. Every store sells them in abundance, but Asda is changing the game this year by releasing a whole new type of weird seasonal treat…an egg made entirely of cheese!

Following on from the supermarket’s successful cheese advent calendar last year, Asda intends to offer “something a bit different” for consumers this year with their cheesy take on an Easter classic. And it certainly is different! A “half dome” rather than a full-size egg, the product will contain 125 grams of Blacksticks blue cheese, onion chutney, and a pack of mini oatcakes – essentially a mini cheeseboard! Asda has teamed up with Lancashire cheesemakers Butler’s to create the egg. Regarding the creation of this dairy masterpiece, Butler’s spokesperson James Claptham  “wanted to create a more continental flavor…Blacksticks Blue is a great introduction to blue cheese if you’ve not tried it before.” The novelty of a cheesy egg will no doubt intrigue both the brave and curious this Easter time.

Asda's new Cheester Egg
Image via Asda

Perhaps a horrifying concept to those who aren’t fond of weird and wonderful cheeses, the idea of a cheese Easter egg has been delighting and disgusting people in turn, causing a buzz on social media. Is it only a matter of time before someone creates a cheese Easter egg challenge? Personally, I wouldn’t like to choose between chocolate or cheese, so this Easter I might just try both…

Speaking of weird food, did you hear that McDonald’s brought back a sauce purely for the Rick and Morty fans?

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