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Gin And Tonic Easter Eggs Are Now Available

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Gin and tonic easter eggs are now a thing. Yep, that’s no word of a lie, gin and tonic Easter eggs are finally here!

Chocolate brand Prestat has released a new egg, solely inspired by the fantastic combination of gin and tonic.

The ‘London Gin Truffle Easter Egg’ weighs in at 170g and at £17.50, is certainly pricier than most other eggs.

Unfortunately, the item has incredibly sold out on Prestat’s website, and with a description like this it’s no wonder:

“The extravagant egg is made from the finest milk chocolate flavoured with lemon oil. It is then filled with truffles made with ganache flavoured with gin and Mediterranean lemon oil, all enrobed in a creamy white chocolate. However, a bite of Prestat’s homage to a London Gin and tonic reveals another secret ingredient – a magical fizz that tingles on your tongue.”

This marvellous creation features milk and white chocolate, and of course the magic ingredients that are gin and tonic. Hats off to Prestat for this genius idea, which will be sure to gather customers from all around the globe.

There will of course be nay-sayers, those moody individuals that simply cannot fathom a combination of gin with chocolate, but I reckon they’ll be completely outnumbered.

Too many people will be jumping at the chance to devour their favourite drink with their favourite food, so follow the crowd for once and buy one of these!

Creme Eggs are seemingly a thing of the past, with Oreo and even Reese’s Pieces eggs now dominating the scene, so watch out for this new kid on the block.

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