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Christmas Roast Dinner Pizza to be Released by Pizza Express

Get in my mouth.

Get in my mouth.

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This year, Pizza Express is getting into the festive spirit by releasing  a Christmas-themed menu.

As if Christmas wasn’t enough to get us all excited, now there’s news of festive pizza. That’s right, here to make the season that bit more jolly is a selection of food that includes a roast dinner pizza for the price of just £13.20. This spectacle – dubbed the ‘Porchetta Natale Romana’ – comes topped with hog roast meat and herb stuffing, pancetta, mozzarella, rosemary, oregano and pine kernels. And it seems like people are more than ready.

Pizza Express are not limiting the joy they spread, either. For vegetarians they are offering a Cauliflower Cheese Romana, which will no doubt be equally delicious with or without the optional topping of pancetta. This beauty costs £12.50, and consists of a mustard and cheese base topped with cauliflower florets smothered in pecorino cheese, mozzarella, pink onions and garlic.

But it still doesn’t end there! They will also be releasing Pulled Beef and Chianti Crocchettes, Hog Roast and Stuffing Romana, Panettone Cheesecake, Jaffa Profiteroles, and – are you ready? – Snowball Dough Balls. Pizza Express even posted about these specials on facebook and twitter to get us all worked up.

Let’s be honest you can never have too much pizza. So why not get yourself a Christmas-themed-pizza and have your very own pizza-themed-Christmas.

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