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Burger King’s Upside Down Whopper Is Just An Upside Down Whopper

Burger King celebrates the upcoming new season of Stranger Things with a real masterpiece of a Whopper

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With season three of beloved Netflix series Stranger Things coming in a few weeks, hype is at an all-time high. Huge brands from all areas such as Coca-Cola, LEGOS, and even Polaroid cameras have added Stranger Things to their agenda. Burger King has now joined the party, adding a new item to the menu starting June 21st.

The Upside Down Whopper is Burger King’s new ploy to draw on fan’s excitement. What is this Upside Down Whopper? Well, it’s literally a Whopper served upside-down in a Stranger Things wrapper. It’s some pretty high-level stuff. There is nothing different in how they are actually making the burger, no special rearranging, no special ingredient, nothing. All it involves is setting a burger upside-down, and handing it to a customer.

Aside from that lazy execution, the Upside Down Whopper meal does come with limited edition Stranger Things ketchup packets, as well as Stranger Things Burger King crowns, so that’s something to look forward to.

If you’d like to see one of these for yourself, the Upside Down Whopper is only making appearances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, Houston, Dallas, and Miami. Don’t feel too left out if you live nowhere near these cities, you can simply go to your nearest Burger King for a whopper, turn it upside-down, and there you go. We might as well start eating all our foods upside-down to really feel the Stranger Things vibe!

Super hyped for the new season of Stranger Things? Why not explore the most recent trailer again to keep that excitement flowing!

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