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Ben & Jerry’s New Ice Cream Flavors Are a Vegan’s Dream Come True


Going vegan is hard when you remove all the delicious things from your life without adequately replacing them with alternatives. One thing that you’d have to let go of should you wander down this path is ice cream.

Yes, there are vegan ice creams out there. And vegan bakeries, too. If your cravings have been killing you that much, you already know this. Thank the Universe that the world is progressing enough now for such things to exist. Vegan ice cream is great but…the flavors still suck.

Ben & Jerry’s knows this. They probably feel sorry for vegans who can’t exactly get the fix they once had with far-from-flavorful, topping-less, boring vegan ice cream. To combat this catastrophe, the popular ice cream company is coming out with three awesome vegan flavors!

The new flavors include Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter & Cookies, and Fudge Brownie. These flavors were first launched in the UK but should be available in supermarkets in the States very soon.

Now, I’m sorry if your favorite flavor isn’t there yet. Baby steps, right?

To satisfy more of your cravings, check out this New Oreo Cadbury Combo!


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