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Your Alcohol Related Personal Care Wishes Have Been Granted With Rosé Deodorant

Yep, it’s now a thing.

Image Via: Native

Native adds to their wonderful paraben and aluminum free promise by promising to make you smell like booze all day long.

With summer rolling in, Native cosmetics brings out the sweet smells of Rosé, Sangria, and Mimosa for your underarms.

Under their ‘Brunch Scents’ you can find the three summer-time fragrances. Native is changing the deodorant game by diverging from the basic, plain old smells.

Start your morning self care routine has never been more interesting as you can now make your underarms smell like cocktails. It is probably for the best but this product won’t get you drunk since the scent isn’t from actual alcohol.


For only 30$ you can radiate essence of hard alcohol, who wouldn’t want that?

Image result for deodorant gif

For now though, Native has been sold out of the ‘Brunch Scents’ but you can check out their other animal testing-free, natural products.

There is a list for those who don’t mind waiting for their fancy, alcohol-scented deodorant. 

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