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A Story About a Food Critic Who Accidentally Helped to Expose a Cheat

Want to know what tricks life is playing on those who cheat?

Image by: pxhere/ Creative Commons CC0

How many times do we hear cheating stories? Statistically, at least 25% of the married men are cheating, and God knows how much this number grows when it comes to including unmarried couples… Moreover, how many cheating stories, if any, have you found weird, unprecedented and ironic?

I think this one undoubtedly an ironic cheating exposure that definitely would not happen if it was 20 or 30 years ago… because a job of a food critic simply didn’t exist!

 This capture appeared on Tom’s Sietsema (the food critic) Instagram earlier:

Dare to go to a restaurant with a stranger, without any fear of being caught? Maybe your spouse isn’t gonna definitely (never say definitely) come to this type of place, but you can’t run away from some stranger, who turns out to be a popular food critic and unintentionally exposes your cheat by taking a photo of you for his latest 5-star food review. Without you realising. Just wow! ?

With the astonishing life advancements as we know it today, it is hardly possible to disguise anything these days, whether it’s a crime scene evidence or one’s photography skills and the type of job…

Even though, the photo appeared on the pages of Washington Post, we can see the outcome on Instagram – the alleged wife outreaching the food critic to express her ‘Thanks-giving’. Can smell another irony here?

I mean, good for you Tom – keep living your life assessing the food by having 5* meal experiences whilst exposing some of the most unpleasant relationship moves.

If you found this entertaining, and want to hear more of the terrific, I mean fantastic cheating stories, check this one out here.

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