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Fidel Castro Outlived His Obituary Writer, He’s Invincible!

Fair play.

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Cuba’s leader was Fidel Castro for a long time, until recently.

His death was reported on Friday, November 25, 2016. He was 90 years old when he died. If you keep up with the international news, you are aware that this leader is not loved by everybody, but who is. Anyway, he managed to live through over 600 assignation attempts. I give him credit, I mean that has got to take a toll on someones life. Plus give it up to his security, now that should go on a resume.

Cuba declared nine days of national mourning in honor of Fidel Castro, although some people are using these days to brake out the alcohol and celebrate. Apparently, many major print newspapers had already typed up his obituary. I didn’t know that newspapers did that. That’s a little creepy, writing up someone’s death before they die. From the four writers who authored one in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, only one is still writing obituaries, while another one died 10 years ago.

Credit: Miami Herald

Fidel Castro isn’t the only one who has had a premature obituary. Newspapers prepare them for major celebrities, presidents and other leaders, especially if they are in bad health. Getting back to Fidel Castro’s death, some of the people who celebrated his death were in exile. It didn;t matter what time it was they celebrated, some of them even danced in the streets. All of this happens, while others line up to mourn his death in Cuba. There are so many different opinions of this man. Some call him a dictator, others a leader. I guess it really depends on their story or their view. These views aren’t just in Cuba alone, no they are all over.

Well if that’s not crazy enough for you, then check out how Cuba might have discovered a cure for Lung Cancer!

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