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WATCH: Microdosing Comes To Silicon Valley: Produces Workplace Productivity

Groovy AND professional.

Credit: BBC

Microdosing is the newest trend to hit business executives. True to its name, mircodosing involves ingesting a very small amount of a hallucinogenic drug – LSD, psilocybin (shrooms), or mescaline (Peyote cactus) – in order to think clearer, faster, and with a stronger sense of connectedness to work and people. 

Perhaps not surprising, microdosing has most recently found its way into Silicon Valley. One entrepreneur, George Burke, opens up about his daily LSD-use experiences in an interview. He, along with several experts on the subject, explain how taking hallucinogens in this amount is not harmful, but instead helpful.

Take a look at the video below, and see if you’re convinced:

While parts of the interview come off on the hippier side, Burke sounds like he genuinely benefits from his daily LSD intake. After all, he is only taking 1/10th of the amount of a regular dosage of the drug. As long as it is safe to do and not affecting workplace efficiency, who’s to say it shouldn’t be allowed?

And honestly, if Steve Jobs was a dabbler in microdosing and created one of the greatest companies in the world, maybe he was on to something.

Click here to see how researchers have figured out how LSD “completes” the brain.

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