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WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Gives Tips For LSD Trips

Stay safe.

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Chef, author, and television personality Anthony Bourdain has openly admitted to taking a lot of acid in his youth. And he has tips for those who want to try it now.

Of course it must be aknowledged that psychedelic drugs are a big deal. It’s easy to forget that drugs have bad effects in a society where the ratio of people taking ket and drinking alcohol on a night out is about 5/10. But drugs can be bad, mkay?

Bourdain isn’t really recommending that you, your grandma, and your baby brother should just take acid in your local park. It’s probably best that you only do this if you are – as Bourdain puts it – ‘mentally healthy’. It is recommended that you also do it somewhere you feel safe, with someone who’s taken the drug before.

Check out his advice for yourself:

Presumably LSD doesn’t change everyone’s life. It’s unlikely that everyone is enlightened by it. But at the very least it might be fun. So if you’re going to trip, follow the tips. Too much? Yeah, probably.

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