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VIDEO: Snorting Chocolate Powder Is Officially A Thing!

It gives a similar high to ecstasy apparently.

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Everyone loves chocolate and now people have the option to snort chocolate as well!

Coco Loko is a snortable chocolate powder which offers a high similar to the drug Ecstasy. However, it does not contain any harmful drugs as the powder contains ingredients found in energy drinks.

The product, created by Orlando-based company Legal Lean, includes cacao powder, gingko biloba, taurine and guarana.

According to the package, sniffing the powder leads to an experience of an endorphin rush, a serotonin rush, euphoric energy and a sense of calm focus.

A 3.5 gram container is available online for 20 bucks currently, while it normally sells for about 25 dollars.

The Washington Post said the effects of the powder last for 30 minutes to an hour. However, the medical community is worried about the product. What if the negative effects of energy drink ingredients build up when snorted?

Besides the possible side effects, this product seems pretty great to me.

What could be better? Chocolate powder is now legal and even gives you a boost of energy!

If you love chocolate, check out this story about some Americans who actually believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk!

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