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Show & Tell: Drug Stash Pics Paint a Story of Addiction And Prescription Online

The easy way to get arrested.

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Among the latest trends on the internet are pictures of people’s drug accumulations that keep popping up in a subreddit called “Drug Stashes“. This opens a door to a hidden society of recreational and prescribed drug users. Some stashes are huge while others are modest; sometimes it is quality over quantity.

Although most of the stuff that is posted is obtained through illegal sources, some of these stashes reflect the amount of medication that is prescribed. I personally take up to 8 pills a day, so a picture of all of those pills together out of their bottles would seem like a lot. These stash pictures give a small glimpse into the everyday lives of people who take medication or drugs. The social message is interesting too; it normalizes people with illnesses or recreational drug users and brings to light an alternative way of living.

These are portraits of either special occasion drugs or for everyday use. This could be the next rise of artistic expression for those who want to share their pride in what they take. One of the only drawbacks to this form of expression is that these pictures can be traced back to the source of someone’s profile and therefore potentially exposing themselves, but if a person posts pictures like this I doubt they are thinking about the repercussions. Some are very creative and colorful and some are regular white pills; but lack of color does not hinder interesting composition.

That's some interesting LSD

Using drugs with art and artistic expression is not a new concept, during the 1950’s there were artists that drew portraits while on acid.

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