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Peru Police Seize £73million of ‘Lionel Messi’ Cocaine

That’s a lot of cocaine!

That's a lot of cocaine!

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If you are really in to football you will find this piece of news a little interesting. A Drug dealer covered 3,123 pounds of coke with pictures of Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi. What is even more unusual, is the cocaine was also hidden in a shipping container that was holding about 1,300 squid fillets. Who knows why this dealer chose to hide his product there, but it did not turn out to be a good idea.

The police in Peru uncovered the cocaine in Lima. That dealer lost a lot of business off that idea. I wonder if he is a huge fan of Lionel Messi, why else have pictures of the player on his drugs? Well it’s good to know that all that cocaine is no longer on the streets of Peru. I bet families of Peru feel a little safer now, hopefully they will be able to continue to keep more drugs of the streets.

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