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Colorado Carwash Converted Into Drive Thru Weed Store

Another high for Colorado.

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Isn’t Colorado simply the coolest state in the US? If you thought the legalisation of marijuana was open-minded, then what do you call a drive thru for all your weed needs…apart from awesome, that is. That’s right, folks, the future is here.

Located in Parachute, Colorado, the drive thru is to be known as the Tumbleweed Express (things just keep getting cooler). The only catch is you can’t go there with any under-21s – at all. Sorry, kids.

All things weed related have also boosted the town’s economy, another positive of marijuana alongside its medicinal advantages. Maybe, what with Brexit, the UK will take a leaf – ahem – out of Colorado’s book and rebuild the nation on weed sales. Now, there’s a dream.

For more weed conveniences, check out this handy invention.

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