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$140 Million Worth of Cocaine Found In Digger

Wait… how much?!

Australian Border Police

Recently a digger, being transported from South Africa to New South Wales, Australia, was X-rayed to reveal 384 KG of cocaine, worth $140 million.

The digger was caught at Port Botany, where it was discovered to be holding the insane amount off drugs. ACT Policing Chief Police Officer (CPO) Ray Johnson said:

It’s clear to us that this group thought bringing drugs into our district in this type of machinery would avoid police interest. How wrong they were.

Inevitably some of it was destined for the streets of the ACT. With such a large seizure some of it was clearly destined for other parts of the NSW district, perhaps the snow given it’s ski season.

It sounds like Johnson is proud of their accomplishments of finding the drugs and stopping it from entering the streets of their country. Hopefully this put a dent in drug problems, but we may never really know.

Timothy Engstrom, 34, and Adam Hunter, 33, have been charged with being connected to importing large quantities of drugs. They are also connected with the business that was in charge of importing the digger to their location. Engstrom and Hunter have been refused bail until their court date later this year in September.

It does make me wonder if the ones who were in charge of this operation have actually gotten away with it, or if this was their first time testing the waters. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they get caught again, that is if they ever get released.

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