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Drake Flexes On Us Pheasants With His Million Dollar Outfit

Me, myself and I

It doesn’t even look all that good.

What would you do if you had a million dollars? You might say: “Save it for a rainy day, like if you get into a medical emergency and you happen to be American, in which case you’re probably still screwed,” or “Give it to charity if you already have more than enough,” or “Buy something actually useful and worth it – like a nice car, or a house, or literally anything that isn’t clothes.”

Well, guess what? Drake thought of all these reasonable things and thought: “f**k that. I’m going to buy clothes. Good clothes? Miss me with that s**t. I want stuff that looks like it came from my dad’s closet.”

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@champagnepapi lightly flexin’ his almost 1 million dollar fit ? [via @icykof]

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So, what’s the story behind this?

The creators behind the nearly 500k subscriber strong Youtube channel The Unknown Vlogs caught Drake backstage at the O2 and invited him to participate in their popular series, How Much Is Your Outfit. Never one to back down from a challenge, Drake proceeded to – smugly, casually – list off just exactly how much he spent on his duds. 

“I’m about to go out so I’m dressed in my proper trims,” he tells the cameraman. He pulls open his coat, points to the label sewn on the underside. “Custom Brioni, I’m saying – see the name right there – like, 11 (grand) I think.”

Reactions to this range from the positive:


To the incredulous:


To the unimpressed:


…mostly unimpressed: 



Rich people are wild, man. If you too want to spend a couple of hours stewing in rage about the unfairness of the universe, check out this article about people who’re probably far richer and more beautiful than you. Always gets the blood pumping!


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