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Spring Bucket List: 10 Ways to Embrace the Season

Spring is officially in reach.

Bike with Spring flowers on the tire in a field
Credit: Shutterstock/Beata Becla

Spring is long-awaited, especially for students. The dark winter months can be tough on students for many reasons. It’s common to be stuck inside, unmotivated, and depressed during the winter months. The season is officially in reach, and it’s time to start looking forward to spring activities by creating a Spring Bucket List!

Here are 10 essentials to add to your Spring Bucket List…

Season struggles

The winter months can be difficult for everyone. The days get dark sooner and the cold limits the amount of available outdoor activities. It is easy to fall victim to seasonal depression and become unmotivated. Winter is known to cause a lack of energy, making it hard to stay focused and easy to become stressed.

Spring is long-awaited, and the sooner you make your bucket list the better! It will not only help the time go faster but allow you to prepare for everything you plan. Traveling during the Spring can be a blast, but you can have just as much fun doing small activities throughout the season as well.

1. Picnic

A picnic is a classic Spring activity. Pick a fun location and start packing the essentials. You’ll need all your favorite snacks, drinks, and of course a picnic blanket and basket. Whether you want it to be casual or extravagant, a picnic is essential for your Spring bucket list. If you want to hop on the new trends, bring a canvas, craft, or other fun activities along with you and pick a theme!

2. Tote bag painting

Spring Tote Bag hand painted with a green and yellow bird and red flowers on a purple background. Sitting on an outdoor bench.
Credit: Shutterstock/watcher fox

Tote Bags are not only cute but practical. It’s a perfect spring item to carry with you during all your bucket list activities. You can use them for books, flowers, or even as your picnic basket. There’s no better way to make your tote bag special than by painting your own design on it! Pick a tote bag of any color and choose your design. You are guaranteed to use it and it will be uniquely special to you!

3. Flower picking

Flower picking is the epitome of spring activities. There are many farms that allow flower picking, as well as just finding wildflowers along the road. Always be cautious of where you do this – but have fun! You can make a day of it and come home with a beautiful bouquet.

Beyond just flower picking, you can also go berry picking in many places. Gather strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more! Make sure you bring a basket and prepare for a day in the sun. If you want to take this bucket list item further – plant your own flowers or start a garden!

4. Biking

Bike with Spring flowers on the tire in a field
Credit: Shutterstock/Beata Becla

Biking is a perfect way to get some exercise while also enjoying the Spring season. You can do this daily, weekly, or plan a long trip. Biking is an incredible way to go to new places and meet new people. There are many bike paths that will allow you to enjoy nature to its fullest and get a workout at the same time. Adding biking to your Spring bucket list is a great way to explore all that the season has to offer.

5. Mini golf

Green putter hitting a blue ball on a mini golf course
Credit: Shutterstock/milepost430media

Mini golf is a super fun Spring bucket list item that your inner child might be longing for. From themed outdoor attractions to indoor blacklight, and all things in between, mini golf never goes out of style. Make it a point to visit all the mini golf locations in your area to see what each has to offer, it’s a great way to have fun and explore new areas!

6. Sporting events

Beer, Corndogs, and baseball items on a wooden table
Credit: Shutterstock/Oleksandra Naumenko

Outdoor sporting events such as baseball, softball, golf, and plenty of others will be starting up again, and attending them makes the perfect item to add to your Spring bucket list! Gather your friends and make your way to the stands. Dress up for your local teams or take a road trip to see your favorite ones! Drinks and stadium food are a guaranteed recipe for a home run.

7. Camping

Campfire at night under the stars with group of people around.
Credit: Shutterstock Volodya Senkiv

Camping is the perfect Spring bucket list activity, and it can be the perfect activity to extend into a long weekend or even a full week event! Hiking, campfires, s’mores, and canoeing are the perfect events to extend your camping trip. Or, you can easily split those activities up over time on your Spring bucket list! Camping is a great activity to reconnect and immerse yourself with nature and get out after being stuck inside during the long winter months!

8. Drive-in movies

While going to the movie theater is fun, Spring is the perfect season to go out to the drive-in theater! The drive-ins make the perfect spring date with your partner or friends. Maximize your experience by bringing blankets, pillows, and snacks to get cozy. If you drive a truck, blow up an inflatable mattress to make the optimal drive-in experience! The drive-ins will allow you to enjoy the Spring air and sunsets while viewing your favorite movies.

9. Journal

Spring Bucketlist Bullet Journal with Spring Quote "No Matter How Long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow" on wooden table.
Credit: Shutterstock/CarmenRM

Journaling is a fun and beneficial hobby to take up, and spring is the perfect time to begin. Journaling can be done in an abundance of ways to fit your needs or goals. Spring is the perfect time to be outside and reconnect with nature, giving plenty of inspiration to journal. Some of the most popular journaling styles include bullet, art, and nature journals. Adding this to your Spring bucket list gives you an everyday activity that might just become your favorite hobby.

10. Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning is an obvious choice for your Spring bucket list. The Spring season is the best time to reset and rejuvenate, so cleaning is the best way to get out of the winter funk and get ready for the spring weather. Cleaning can sound overwhelming or dull, but there are many ways to make the experience fun.

Open some windows, put your favorite music on, and get out your cleaning supplies. Take it one room at a time and clean at your own pace. Spring is the time to reorganize and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Rather than seeing cleaning as a boring task, look at it as your chance for a fresh start!

Now you have some perfect items to add to your Spring Bucket List! Take your time to truly enjoy all the items on your bucket list and have a fantastic Spring Season!

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English Literature, Culture, and Writing student at OU who loves reading, writing, music, animals, and gaming!

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