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Check Out This New Malaysian Bookstore With Over a Million Books!

What a sight.

Attention book-lovers! Malaysia just opened a bookstore to fit all of your reading needs with shelves full of over a million available books.

Located in Malaysia’s Southern Region in Sunway Iskandor, Johor, bookstore chain BookXcess have opened their newest, and biggest, bookstore as of yet. 

Covering 32,000 square feet, the bibliotheca mansion has been renamed ‘The Box of Knowledge’, and it’s extremely clear why. Not only does it have an astounding variety in its endless collection, but has lovely reading spaces available within. 

Image from Sunway Big Box Facebook

Such as the Children’s Cave, a place for all the ‘Magic Books’ kids love, where they can enjoy a unique reading experience accompanied by AR Technology to fully immerse themselves in fantastical worlds of their choosing. 

The co-founder Andrew Yap had this to say about the company’s massive efforts to encourage people’s habits of reading: 

Reading increases knowledge, builds character, improves one’s thinking process and widens your awareness of social, economic and environmental issues.

Andrew Yap, to Mashable SE Asia
Image from Sunway Big Box Facebook

This bookstore is catered to indulge your mind from things other than social media and technology, and find peace and relaxation within a book. Reading inspires qualities that are necessary for practicing humanitarian connection, something that many seem to forget the importance of when solely interacting with phone screens, laptops, or television screens.

Here, you can truly lose yourself not only within fiction, but among the colossal bookcases lining the walls of the Box of Knowledge. 

Image from Sunway Big Box Facebook

With World Book day having passed just a little ago, take a look at this little girl’s iconic costume for some inspiration… 

Featured Image via Sunway Big Box Facebook

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